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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i better hold on to these for when i have to arrest them later. okay. all right. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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live from cleveland's news center, cleveland 19 news starts now. @ @ >> now at 11:00, we are follow@ breaking news out of lorain@ county.@ a day of playing in the snow@ comes to a horrific end.@ p>> denise: a 9-year-old taken@ to the hospital after an@ accident.@ sara goldenburg has the@ latest.@ sara?@ p>> reporter: guys, i am told@ that child sustained@ life-threatening injuries.@ police say the 9-year-old was@ actually lifeflighted after@ first being taken to saint@ john west shore hospital.@ if you look at our video from@ earlier tonight police say the@ child was sledding on a small@ hill at meadow lake boulevard@ and hunter lake drive when a@ driver struck that child.@ now, again that child we are@ told sustained@
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wewe are waiting on more@ information here at metro@ tonight.@ live in cleveland, sara@ goldenburg, cleveland 19.@ p>> romona: in the weather@ center with jeff after a warm@ december.@ wow, this january has been@ tough on us.@ you will check the morning@ commute?@ p>> jeff: it is, and we have@ serious lake affect snow going@ on east of cleveland right@ now.@ this band has not moved much.@ and you are clearly going to@ get sikh plus inches in some@ parts of the band right here.@ in fact they upgraded now.@ it is now a lake affect snow@ warning.@ be careful here.@ it is really coming down.@ we are getting reports of@ whiteout conditions through@ the mentor and shardin.@ this will slowly weaken@ overnight.@ there is your lake-snow@ warning for ashtebula.@ obviously we have an alert out@
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it is snowing in downtown@ cleveland, but not as heavy.@ so travel is pretty bad in@ that band.@ that's where i think the worst@ conditions will be tomorrow@ morning 6789.@ look at the temperatures, 13@ in cleveland and mansfield 7.@ that's the air temperature.@ winds gusting up to 30 and the@ windchills are serious.@ 8 below in mansfield.@ and it feels like 5 below in@ cleveland.@ the weather i'm pact tomorrow@ -- impact will be a five.@ the worse conditions is if you@ are traveling east.@ 10 degrees at 7:00 al.@ the update is 9:00 at 8 a.m.@ that is the worst of it.@ for your morning commute, at@ 4:30 in the morning samantha@ roberts will be out tracking@ the latest conditions to help@ get you through your morning@ commute and for the kids@ heading off to school.@ denise?@ p>> denise: we are facing@ another day of bitter cold@
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tomorrow as jeff said.@ tiffani tucker has helpful@ tips on what you can do to@ make sure your car is wenter@ ready -- winter ready before@ you hit the road.@ p>> reporter: for many winter@ crept up with us with the@ warmer days in the forecast.@ a lot of the repair shops are@ getting swamped with customers@ now that the cold and the snow@ has finally moved in.@ >> we are up 20% this year.@ it is no heat and no defrost@ and no start.@ those are the big ones.@ p>> reporter: he says you may@ be surprised by how many@ drivers don't do the basic@ maintenance on their cars@ until it is too late.@ they went over the top six@ things drivers forgot to do.@ >> change over to the winter@ washer fluid.@ this is rated for 20 below@ zero.@ summer is only rated for@ freezing.@ the battery, more than five@ years old, change it.@ belts and hoses.@ you can see this belt has a@ crack.@
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and the lights.@ i like to say see and be@ seen.@ when the wear bar is even with@ the tread the tire is worn out@ of the this is what a good tar@ tar -- tire should look like.@ do you see the tread in there.@ p>> reporter: and the cheapest@ thing to stay on top of is the@ win shield wiper.@ you get a blade that is solid@ and flexible.@ p>> tiffani: another good tip,@ make sure they are working@ properly.@ you could avoid paying@ hundreds or thousands of@ dollars down the road.@ tiffani tucker cleveland 19.@ p>> denise: stay with cleveland@ 19 for the school closings and@ the delays.@ you can also have them sent to@ your phone through our@ website.@ p>> romona: fire investigators@ are looking for the cause of@ the deadly house explosion.@ neighbors and friends have@ identified the four people@
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that's as well as their@ daughters 12-year-old allison@ and 8-year-old ruthie.@ >> cindy touched many lives in@ the youth group and my@ daughter's life.@ just an unimaginable fabulous@ mentor.@ these girls are losing a very,@ daughters.@ >> that's a lot of memories in@ that house that's gone now.@ and it is really shocking.@ p>> romona: the fire chief says@ they were found had you had --@ huddled together in the front@ of the home while jeff was@ found in the back of the@ garage. they ruled out@ natural gas as the cause of@ the explosion.@ an arrest has been made in@ connection to the death of@ 3-year-old major howard.@ p>> denise: police arrested@ aaron dunnings.@ he was shot while sitting in a@ car with his godmother on@ cleveland's eastside in@ september.@
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their second suspect in that@ case.@ p>> denise: developing tonight@ shaker heights city council@ pittbull ordinance.@ that law would have declared@ the animal as vicious dogs and@ required the owners to carry a@ half million dollar liability@ insurance policy.@ the discussion came about@ after a 71-year-old was@ attacked and killed by a@ p>> romona: president obama@ delivered his final state of@ the union address tonight.@ he focused on accomplishments@ and laid out the challenges@ facing our nation including@ the on going fight against@ terror.@ >> isil will learn the same@ them.@ if you doubt america's@ commitment or mine to see that@ justice is done, just ask@ osama bin laden.@ if you come after americans we@ go after you.@ it may take time, but we have@
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reach has no limits.@ p>> romona: they are launching@ an initiative to cure cancer@ which will be lead by vice@ his son to the disease last@ year.@ p>> denise: and moments after@ president obama finished his@ speech, nikki haley gave the@ official republican response.@ tonight we are getting local@ reaction to the address from@ the ohio congressman bob@ gibbs.@ >> i was disappinted.@ they don't have confidence in@ the economy and they are@ trying to make eppedz meet.@ he is trying to paint paint --@ paint a picture that the@ economy is growing.@ they are fearful of the@ opportunities they will have@ for their kids and families.@ p>> denise: we are hearing from@ both sides tonight.@ p>> romona: the presidential@ candidates are weighing in@ through social media.@ dan deroos joins us with what@ they were saying.@ dan?@ p>> dan: this is one of the@
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because they are responding.@ whether it is the leading@ democrat or the leading@ republican candidates they are@ responding right away.@ hillary clinton, let's start@ with her.@ she said just about two hours@ ago they kept the country@ strong and the economy safe.@ that's what the president@ needs to do and that's the@ job.@ # state of the union.@ let a get to her biggest --@ let's get to her biggest@ challenger.@ he kept it short and sweet.@ the president reminds us not@ to be afraid of change, but to@ wield it to improve the lives@ of all americans.@ let's get to the other side of@ the island.@ donald trump will have one of@ his trump-isms.@ the iranian deal is terrible.@ why didn't we get the iranian@ stockpile.@ it was sent to russia.@ then he tweeted out, the state@ of the union speech is boring,@ slow, lethargic, hard to@ watch.@
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competitor, senator ted cruz,@ harsh on the president said@ the american people are tired@ of having a president who will@ not even acknowledge the evil@ we are facing much less do@ anything about it.@ those are some of the comments@ we have seen from both side of@ the aisle.@ people are trying to take that@ job and it could be them@ delivering the next state of@ the union speech.@ ramona?@ p>> romona: dan, let's talk@ about the record powerball@ jackpot that keeps growing.@ tomorrow's prize is up to $1.5@ billion.@ the current cash payout is@ worth $930 million.@ that's before taxes.@ your odds of winning are 1 in@ 292 million.@ and rover from wmms is hiding@ 1,000 powerball tickets around@ cleveland.@ we will be live in studio at@ 6:00 a.m.@ make sure you watch and listen@ for the clues to find the free@ tickets.@
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closing in on their next het@ coach?@ the team said they interest@ viewed -- they interviewed hue@ jackson for a second time.@ the bangles offensive@ coordinator will still@ interview with the giants on@ thursday.@ mark schwab will have much@ more coming up in sports.@ p>> denise: coming up tonight,@ an alert for all parents.@ check your medicine cabinet.@ a cough medicine recall@ because of over dose@ concerns.@ p>> romona: and it is the app@ all pet owners will want to@ download.@ see how technology is helping@ to find lost pets.@ p>> denise: and new details@ about browns players who had@ run ins with police.@ could they face felony@ charges?@ p>> romona: and more snow and@ bitter cold.@ will it be another dicey drive@ to work?@ jeff has your hour by hour@ commute forecast just minutes@ away.@ >> breaking news and weather@ 24/7.@ download the cleveland 19 news@
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@ p>> denise: a father in@ cincinnati accidently shot his@ son, the teenager this@ morning.@ the 14-year-old skipped school@ and snuck back into the house@ through a basement window.@
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grabbed his gun and went to@ investigate.@ the teen startled him and the@ gun went off.@ the boy was hit in the they@ can and died -- hit in the@ neck and died later in the@ hospital and police are still@ investigating.@ raw ray you so --@ p>> romona: so sad.@ new details on the railroads@ of two browns -- on the arrest@ of two browns players on@ christmas morning.@ now what officers found.@ p>> reporter: ramona, here is@ the incident report and it has@ four criminal charges on it@ and two felonies.@ the ohio highway patrol just@ wrapped up their investigation@ into the arrest of cleveland@ browns linebacker bryant and@ former browns corner back@ saunders.@ i obtained the incident report@ that states they were stopped@ on interstate 71 near brook@ park for speeding on christmas@ day.@ we know saunders was driving@ and he was the first to be@ arrested on an ovi charge and@ speeding.@ he pled not guilty in court to@ both charges.@ during a search of the@ vehicle, a loaded handgun was@
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it belongs to saunders which@ is a possible felony.@ saunders was let go by the@ cleveland browns.@ also discover covered@ according -- also discovered@ according to the incident@ report , illegal drugs which@ was aderol with no@ prescription.@ it belongs to bryant who at@ the time of the arrest was@ unable to produce a valid@ prescription.@ so far bryant has not been@ charged with anything.@ the browns did keep bryant out@ of their last two games, so he@ could deal with his legal@ issues.@ the case now goes to a@ prosecutor who will decide if@ any additional charges could@ be filed against the two@ football players.@ >> i will have that in my@ hand.@ two videos at least two hours@ long.@ scott taylor, cleveland 19.@ p>> denise: if you ever lost a@ dog you know how heart@ wrenching that can be.@ now there is an app called@
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four-legged friends quickly.@ you take a picture of your dog@ and up load it to the app.@ if your pet runs away you can@ post they are missing using@ facial recognition a shelter@ can scan through the up loaded@ images to find the owner.@ >> if a dog comes to us, we@ take the same kind of@ photograph and if that dog is@ reported as lost it makes the@ connection.@ p>> denise: how about that?@ it will send alerts to be on@ the lookout in the@ neighborhood to anyone who@ uses finding rover, and it@ also works in reverse.@ p>> romona: and an important@ recall to tell you about@ concerning a cough medicine.@ they there -- there is a@ recall for the dm liquid@ medicine because the cup@ measurement is inaccurate.@
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and at rite-aid and dollar@ general and cvs.@ we have more information on@ our cleveland 19 news app.@ p>> romona: and a warning if@ you smoke hookah.@ it is more harmful to your@ health than cigarettes.@ hookah contains 25 times more@ tar, nearly three times the@ amount of nicotine and 10@ times carbon dioxide than@ regular cigarettes.@ p>> denise: think you are going@ through a midlife crisis?@ researchers say there is no@ such thing.@ according to the study we are@ happier in our mid40s than@ we are in our teens.@ that's because by middle age@ most people have worked out@ the uncertainties of life and@ are quite satisfied with their@ jobs, mairnl and children.@ marriage and children.@ since when is middle age@ 40s?@ i thought it was the 50s and@ 60s.@ p>> jeff: when i get to the@ mid40s i'll let you know if@ it is true.@ when you guys get there.@
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way off.@ p>> jeff: let's update you on@ this -- my goodness, we just@ settled into winter.@ we will get a little thaw@ going, but in general it@ remains cold as you look at@ the forecast overall.@ this is the latest shot of@ arctic air.@ 13 in cleveland.@ you can see what is happening@ out to the west.@ obviously it is colder there,@ but we have lake affect going@ with the arctic air.@ it is coming off michigan.@ we developed and got@ additional moisture off lake@ michigan.@ so that towelly enhanced the@ lake affect off lake erie.@ that does happen if the wind@ is strong enough.@ there you go.@ the lake affect is still@ setting up here.@ let's zoom in on this.@ we are starting to see a@ little weakening trend, but it@ is still coming down in@ ashtebula and route 45,@ snow-covered roads into@ jefferson.@ and mentor, you have been@
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eastlake, curtland where six@ concord.@ this is where the worst of the@ commute will be.@ i still expect snow through@ the overnight.@ even though by morning the@ worst will be over.@ but still very slippery roads@ here.@ on top of that, the wind@ continues to gust even though@ it has come down a little@ bit.@ and that's whipping the snow@ around.@ that wind is generally out of@ the west. this is going to be@ the main problem spot tomorrow@ morning in the snow belt.@ 25 mile an hour wind in mentor@ and 21 in cleveland.@ wind gusts are coming down a@ little bit.@ we are up and over 30 downtown@ and 30 mile an hour gust in@ mentor.@ additional snowfall tonight,@ looking at one to three@ inches.@ the worst of it here in giaga@ county.@ then we will be able to shut@ the lake affect snow machine@ off.@
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greater cleveland area.@ west wind 15 to 30.@ down to 9 degrees for your@ low.@ this is 7:00 a.m.@ if you are cruising up 90@ through lake county and into@ ashtabula county, it is pretty@ bad still.@ and by 1:00 it is finally@ done.@ we will get into a break.@ and then tomorrow night we@ have another little@ disturbance coming and this@ will bring a general snow.@ most areas around an inch.@ we could be dealing with a@ little more east of cleveland@ with that guy.@ 18 will be the high tomorrow.@ so lake affect snow early@ along the lakeshore and@ otherwise windy and very cold@ with some sunshine in there.@ increasing clouds in@ akron-canton.@ 13 at 7:00 a.m. and 11 at@ lunch and then back up to 17@ at 5:00.@ tomorrow night the@ temperatures will actually@ warm.@ so not as cold tomorrow night@
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thursday flurries to drizzle@ and 36.@ then friday 45 the high.@ the weekend looks to be a mess@ again.@ light rain to light snow on@ saturday and windy 38.@ and then it changes to all@ snow on saturday night and@ sunday.@ windy and another arctic shot@ on the way early next week on@ mop day with lake affect snow@ and wind.@ 18 the high.@ here is the buzz.@ >> now, it is time for the@ buzz sponsored by national@ carpet mill outlet.@ p>> romona: in the buzz, the@ first lady's dress at@ tonight's state of the union@ is making headlines.@ p>> denise: first, rupert@ murdoch is getting married.@ the 84-year-old news corp@ chairman and supermodel jerry@ hall will tie the knot.@ how about it?@ it was published in one of@ murdoch's papers, "the uk@ times."@ this will be hall's first@ marriage after a long, long@ relationship with mick@ jagger.@
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lady michelle obama?@ she turned lots of heads at@ the state of the union wearing@ a yellow-orange wool crepe@ dress by narsisco rodriguez.@ that was the same designer@ dress.@ it is actually soldout on many@ websites, i hear.@ p>> denise: just from tonight.@ it was stunning.@ p>> romona: she was on point.@ not just the dress but the@ hair and the make up.@ glamorous.@ it is hard for her to look@ bad.@ p>> romona: but she brought it@ tonight.@ p>> denise: $1.77 in westlake@ at the shell station.@ in cleveland heights it is@
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today, you have more ways to access the number one care in ohio. simply click in for an express care online visit any hour - day, or night. walk in to our express care clinics or our 24/7 emergency departments or call in today for an appointment today. cleveland clinic is here for you. anytime, anytime. anywhere.
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now, this is the@ serpentini chevrolet sports@ report on cleveland 19 news.@ p>> mark: the browns were not@ believed to have any@ interviews up for today, but@ those sneaky guys, they did@ get one in.@ it was a second interview with@ the bengals offensive@ coordinator hue jackson.@ he is the only guy they talked@ to twice and this would@ clearly show he is the top@ candidate.@ now it is up to jackson.@ he is not even done@ interviewing.@ espn says he will have a@ thursday sit down with the new@ york giants about their@ opening.@ that would be three teams that@ have talked to jackson.@ but the san jose mercury news@ reports that the niners are@ out of the running.@ if that is true it is the@ browns and the giants.@ johnny manziel seems to reject@ authority and advice from@ anywhere and any person@ including bernie kozar.@ kozar tells usa today that he@ tries to help manziel@ repeatedly, but he runs into a@ wall because the guy won't@ pick up the phone and call him@
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i am embarrassed.@ i have called him 18 different@ ways.@ if he chooses not to talk to@ me, that's his choice.@ i am not mad at him, but there@ is a point where there is an@ element of respect involved.@ here, here.@ and breaking news out of the@ nfl tonight.@ the league is returning to los@ angeles.@ the owners have voted to allow@ the rams to move back to l.a.@ they will play there this@ coming season.@ they left after the 94@ campaign and now after two@ decades they are headed back@ and they may have company.@ the chargers chargers chargers@ have one year to negotiate a@ lease deal for their sight in@ ingelwood, california.@ if they can't agree to terms@ after a year the oakland@ raiders will get a shot at.@ it right now the nfl is back@ in business in los angeles.@ the cavaliers are in dallas@ looking to stay hot.@ they went in to play as@ winners of seven in a row.@ this was a dandy and it would@ go to over time where they@ will take a three-point lead.@
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